I can’t believe it’s November.

I read a terrifying fact yesterday. There are only seven more weekends before Christmas. My heart stopped a bit while my mind raced down the list of projects I still have to start, let alone finish, for presents. I started to break down the list into smaller bites, because that’s what my mommy taught me to do, and it still was almost too much. And I haven’t started this week’s project at all yet, and probably won’t tonight, either.

But, I do have some finished. They are not quilts, but they are finished. And they are cute. And I haven’t gotten October’s quilt photographed yet. And I can come up with lots of excuses for that, and most are valid, but I had time before and didn’t. So I will own that. Maybe I can get it done this weekend. I think it will be sunny.

Anyway. I am making wubbies for a couple of grand-nephews, and will post those when they are finished. The heads have been done for months, and Number Four saw them and took off. Now, Number Four is fourteen years old. My teenage boy took off with the wubby heads and wouldn’t give them back. So I made him these.

The three monsters
The three monsters

Monsters of his own. I started with Stripes and used yarn left from other projects. All three are crochet with safety eyes. I once told my sister-in-law she could to the crochet projects, and I would knit. Well, guess I do both now. Anyway, I found the patterns on knittingfever.com and fell in love. They were easy and quick. I like that in a project.


I call this one Stripes. (His pattern name is Zoink and can be found here.) Number Four’s favorite color is purple. And this variegated yarn was too rough for the scarf it was purchased for, but perfect for a monster. It’s kinda hard to see his purple smile. Still have lots of that yarn left. Maybe another monster some time.


This is Fred. Just looks like a Fred. Number Four’s high school colors are orange and black. And I had extra orange from a viking hat and beard, so yippee! Same purple smile. Shows up a bit better here. (His pattern name is Lark and can be found here.)


And this is George. He is the biggest. And he can be loved and squeezed and held forever. So I paraphrase. Oh well. I started with this one and got frustrated by the antenna, so he became the last monster made. (His pattern name is Plarko and can be found here.) The bulging eyes on all of them crack me up. Hope the kiddo likes them.


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