Wubbies are finished!

So today at lunch I finished the second wubby. They are for two grand-nephews, one 18 months and the other about 6 months. Too young for the capes I have made for the 3-10 set. But they definitely need something to love on and have fun with. So I found these at  repeatcrafterme.com. She has several different styles, and I chose the monster pattern. It seemed the easiest and quickest to knock out. You can find the pattern here.

red wubby
red wubby

So, here is the red one. I added the tooth because there was so much red, it just needed to be broken up a bit. Not sure which one of the boys will get this one, but I guess it really doesn’t matter too much, huh?

yellow wubby
yellow wubby

This is the yellow one. He has to gum his food. The tooth just didn’t show up very well on the variegated yarn. Once again…. don’t think the boys will care much.

both wubbies
both wubbies

And just because I am so happy to have two more presents to put in the finished pile, here they are together. Hope they will be loved and used for a very long time. Every little guy needs something to snuggle with, right?


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