October quilt

I finally got out to take a photo of the October quilt. Used one of the last warm days of the year it seems. The bottom is supposed to drop tonight. Yippee.

So, this is the first of the brothers’ circle quilts. This one happens to be for my husband. And he told me it’s really not his thing. Too bad. He’s getting it anyway. And I’ll use it. So there.

October quilt
October quilt

The circles started at 10″ and the nine patch are about 6.875″. I’ll post more how I did it photos with the next one. Not sure where I put them right now. There is no batting in this. I figured flannel and t-shirts would be enough for a camping or lighter weight lap quilt. Don’t want to smother the poor guys too much.

October quilt close-up
October quilt close-up

Here’s a closer view. There is no binding, and when you sew down the circles, you quilt your top and back. No muss and little fuss. I threw some un-pieced squares in there for good measure. And because I didn’t have enough nine patch. Or enough t-shirts to make more nine patch. And I have enough of the squares to put some on the niece and nephew quilts coming up in the next few years.

October quilt close-up 2
October quilt close-up 2

I know these boys miss their sister. Sure hope they are not too upset with me for these presents this year.


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