December is always busy.

As much as I try to get things done before December, it never quite works for me. I have done pretty well this year. The bulk of the sewing is finished already, but the bits and pieces still have to be finished.

I took pictures of the November pin-up quilt. I think my camera is dying on me, though. I know the quilt is purple and the photos turned out blue. Even Number Four agreed. So, if the sun comes back again, I’ll take more photos with another device.

Actually got to sit at the sewing machine last week. Man that was nice. First time all month. Worked on the last circle quilt. My sewing list is longer than I would like at this point, however. Also knocked out some masks for the under ten set and got my mom’s wall hanging pressed up. Now to applique the thing and move it along.

Christmas flowers

The boss ordered these lovely flowers for our desks. So I took a photo and did a color study. Lots of choices in this one. Can’t wait to make a couple of quilts with the different colors.


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